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Join 740+ professionals who have completed our exclusive training programs at the AI, Tech & Privacy Academy:

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An advanced program. Join this Bootcamp to master Generative AI's main legal issues, and get ready for compliance challenges.

Next cohort starts on June 3

The EU AI Act Bootcamp - Luiza Jarovsky.jpg

Join our 4-week Bootcamp to master the EU AI Act's main concepts and rules, and advance your career in AI governance.

Next cohort starts on June 6

Emerging Challenges in Privacy, Tech and AI - Bootcamp - Luiza Jarovsky.jpg

Join our highly praised 4-week Bootcamp and obtain tools to deal with emerging legal challenges in privacy, tech & AI.

Next cohort starts on July 17

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About us

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Luiza Jarovsky

"We started the AI, Tech & Privacy Academy to foster legal knowledge and critical thinking about technology in two main ways: first, our free channels—the newsletter, live lessons, AI book club, and social media content—reach thousands of people every day, spreading awareness and curiosity around the topic. Second, our training programs offer in-depth perspectives on technology and its legal & ethical challenges, empowering participants to upskill and advance their careers. I invite you to join our network, reimagine technology, and broaden your leadership opportunities."

See Luiza's bio here.

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Ariel Jarovsky

"Building products and technology with embedded transparency and fairness should be a priority for design, product, marketing, and engineering teams. However, this is not what happens on the ground. One of the reasons is a lack of awareness and training, as tech professionals might have good intentions but do not have a broader understanding of legal and ethical aspects or how to implement them in the design of their products. We see the AI, Tech & Privacy Academy as a way to help tech professionals upskill and advance their careers towards a more critical and profound understanding of technology."

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